The 2011 Eagle Rock District fall camporee was held at Birch Creek along ID 28.  Troop 6 participated, along with about 150 people total.  It was a laid back event, the theme was fishing.  Idaho Fish and Game brought some rods for the Scouts to use.  After the Camporee, Troop 6 went to the Charcoal kilns and did some bike riding.  Most had 2 nights of camping, some bike riding and NO degrees below yet.  Cheryl taught Outdoor Leader Skills to 18 adults including Elliot and Jason from Troop 6.

In attendance were:  Seth, David L, Phillip, William, Taven, David P, Connor, Ben, Sam, and two more,  adults were Robin, Jason, Harlan and Cheryl.  It was 150 miles round trip, plus 20 more for the drive to the kilns.

Eagle Rock Camporee