This year Troop 6 went to K - M  Scout Ranch near Lewistown, MT.  It was a 380 mile drive one way.  We joined our friends from Troop 382 at the Flathead campsite.  The camp was small and the scouts got some individual attention at their merit badges and advancements.  The Scouts completed 37 merit badges, many partials, some advancements and one job offer - for Brendon.

In attendance were Brendon, Michael, Justin, David, Doug, Philip, Seth, Taven, Conner, Sam, Talon,  Jared, Joe and William.  Adults were Alicia, Elizabeth, Darren, Bill and Cheryl.

Here are a bunch of the pictures in semi-chronological order.  I don’t think the camera and iPhone agreed on the time.

K bar M