Great trip, not much rain at all.  More of a wet mist on Sunday morning that cleared up by 9.


The boys did well on the ride.  Talon and William both made it up and over the hill with all the other boys.  Some of the boys didn’t crash on the way down.  William lost a tooth, but it was ready to come out anyhow.  No ice cream at Atomic City.  Just beer.  So Bob and I …, No actually we packed everybody up and bussed in to Blackfoot for ice cream and to top off our water jug.  I just pulled more pictures off my camera.  I’ll send them along also.  Attached is one on the way back from Blackfoot.  Do the boys look like they rode awhile?  Ruth had fun.  At one point she provided good instruction for boys doing penalty pushups.

Attendance:  Bob, Harlan, Elizabeth, Ruth, William, Justin, Wesley, Talan, Philip, David, Seth, Talan, Brendon, Doug, Michael.

Cedar Butte