Mar. 2013

                               Minutes Committee Meeting March 25, 2013
Attendees: Cheryl, Sara, Jovita, Eric, Elliot, Bill, Robin, Harlan, Philip, Blaine, Lisa, Bob
1. Prayer: Eric
2. Minutes: Bob, Approved
3. Quartermaster: Eric, got tires for trailer. PLC schedule closet clean up. Need to check condition of PFDs. Still looking for skis
4. Ventures: 
 A. Past Events: Archery at Todd Frickies House, Elected officers, set up 3 committees to look at 3 different high adventure outings.
 B. Shooting with 382 and 387
5. Scout Past Events: Lave hike went well was cut short due to time, Scouts got cold and wet.
6. Scout Upcoming Events:
 A. Wed 3/27 Meeting: Drug prevention and work on Space Exploration merit badge 
 B. Tues 3/26 WEBElOS AOL 6:30
 C. Fri 5/4 Doug Boozer Eagle COH 7:00 St. John Lutheran
 D. Sat 6/4 Making Rockets 10:00 am at Trinity
 E. 12/4 Philip Lerum Eagle COH 7:00 at Trinity
 F. 13/4 Rocket outing and Geo-caching  Desert Eagles Flying Club. Meet 8:00 am at Trinity
 G. 14/5 Austin Jensen Eagle COH at Trinity Sanctuary 7:30
 H. May 17-19 Cub Scout Family camp Krupp
 I. May 22 Quarterly COH picnic
 J. June 7-10, 50+ mile bike Barney Tepid Hot Springs
 K. June 30-July 6 Camp Loll summer camp need to pay $65 this Wed meeting 
 L. August ILST 16-18 At Ririe with water sports
 M. Sept 21 Cub Scout Expo
 N. Sept 20-21 Borah Climb
 O. Oct 4-5 Yellowstone Hike
 P. Nov 9 Green Canyon 
 Q. Dec Ski trip.
7. Troop News: CPR 4/15 7:30, Wilderness & Remote first aid 4/26-27. April youth protection Training.
8 Musical Leadership: Robin-COR, Bill-CM will take Harlan's place in OCT , Harlan-SM
9 Treasurer: Jovita, Scout Store $56.52 Checking $2384.27 Savings $1464.98 Total $3849.25 Owe Scouts $2401.02 Leaving Troop 6 with $1448.13
10. Council Business: Recognition night 4/20, 4/20 WEBElO WOW Dunbar ward.
11. New Business: Troop to Pay for Religious medals, Philmont July 2014 up to 12 people $100 prepay 
12. Scoutmaster Minute: Robin
                                                  Next Committee Parent Meeting April 22, 2013 at Trinity 7:30  

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