Lavas Hike - March 2013

Troop 6 had a nice hiking adventure with an attempted hike to Garden Cave.  We camped at the Lava hiking trailhead and set out early.  There still was a bit of snow, which was OK till it started to melt.  We made it 3 miles in, had lunch and turned back because scouts ran out of water - Take more next tilme.  So there was 6 miles of hiking and a drive of about 40 miles round trip.  We also visited 17 mile cave on Sunday morning on the way back to Trinity.  We earned -8C.

Adults:  Cheryl Siedelmann, Robin Stewart, Jared Landon, Harlan Lerum,  Paul (ate with adults), Bryan Breffle

  (David L - Hike only, no food, home Saturday after hike.)

Cowboy Patrol:  Conor, Taven, Braden.

Duct Tape Patrol:  Christian, Gage, David P, Drelyn, William.

© Cheryl Siedelmann 2012