May at Krupp


Within the last month we've had two Eagle ceremonies - for Phillip Lerum and Austin Jensen, and a Court of Honor.

This month we held our mostly annual family camp at Krupp for the Cubs.  It went from Friday night through Sunday, although there was a lot of rain Saturday afternoon and some people bailed.  The 6th ward from BYUI was also camping there on Friday night and we held a campfire with them.  

The theme for the Cubs was cowboys, and we had many western related activities - shooting BB guns, making sling shots, nerf swords, hiking in the woods.  We did a few service projects for the camp and had a great potluck in the driving rain.

In attendance were Connor, Taven, Braden, Tim, William David L, David P.  Adults were Harlan, Robin, Eric, Phillip, and Cheryl.

© Cheryl Siedelmann 2012