Feb. 2013

                                            Minutes Committee Meeting Feb. 25 2013
Attendees: Cheryl, Jovita, Robin, Bryan, Harlan, Bill, Eric, Blaine, Bob
1. Prayer: Bryan
2. Minutes: Bob, Approved
3. Quartermaster: Eric, agreed to do it. Eric will find tires for Scout Trailer. Put tents away Wednesday 6 meeting, take one the the tents to D&L cleaners to repair zipper. Spring clean Scout closet. Harlan said we could get sticky back zippers at Home Depot.
4. Ventures: 
 A. Past Events: Snow-shoe-mobiling, roads closed drove around looking for place to unload snowmobile, did not find any. went to Robin's played Playstation and had ice-cream.
 B. Upcoming Events: Archery Range or planning for it this Wednesday 27. Still want to try snow shoeing at GTNP. Still need to plan date for Salmon River Rafting. 
5. Scout Past Events:
 A. Snow caving at Lybeck's went great, 7 Scouts and 3 adults went. Did ISTL will do year planning later.
 B. Brunch results: $685 Bill, distributed to the Scouts based on donation and work. E-mailed results to parents. Need containers for the extra food.
6. Upcoming Events: 
 A. Court of Honor Feb 27: Harlan, said there was beef and pork to make sandwiches with, Eric going to get buns. Families bring deserts to share, their own drinks and place settings.
 B. March 9 Lava Tube Caving: Garden Cave or Lariat.
 C. April 6 Build Rockets: 10:00 am at Trinity Elliot, will have some adult helpers and will have 2 Scouts to a Rocket (buddy system)
 D. April 13 Rockets GeoCaching: At Desert Eagles Field 8:00 am Saturday meet Trinity, camp overnight finish up Sunday.
 E. March 2 Merit Badge Scramble: Finishes up at 12:30
 F. June 7-10 Bike 50+ miler Barney Tepid Springs.
 G. Camp Loll 6/30-7/6: $127 per Scout if we take food, if camp provides add $79 per Scout. March 31 first payment $63.50, June last payment. 1 week before need to verify Scouts and Leaders attending are registered with the BSA.
 H. Feb 26 Swimming: 6:30 pm at Aquatic Center
 I . March 27 Drug Awareness: Harlan will lead a Drug Awareness Class for Scouts.
 J. April 3: Youth protection: We will have youth protection training.
 K. Wilderness First Aid Training: Krupp Hollow April 26-27 
 L. CPR Training: 16 people plan a Tuesday in April
 M. Philmont 2014: 7/11-25 $1300 to $1400 per person. Robin signed for one group up to 12 people, would like 9 Scouts 3 adults.

May Family camp - location to be determined.
7. Troop News: April 5 Eagle COH for Doug Boozer, May 14 Eagle COH for Austin Jensen, Harlan, Robin tentatively planned Philip's Eagle COH for March 22.
8. Change in Leadership: Robin COR, Bill CM, Harlan SM, Harlan will become SM at March 26 Bridging Ceremony. Harlan also working on Leadership awards, knots for Cubs, Scouts, Adults.
9. Treasurer: Jovita, Scout Store $237.36, Checking $2546.27, Savings $1464.98, Total $4011.25, Owed Scouts $2226.00, left $1785.25
10. Council Business: Cheryl, went to meeting in Pocatello, Council voted not to allow Gays in. Recognition night 4/20.
11. Scoutmaster Minute: Robin
                             Next Commitee Parent Meeting March 25 2013 at Trinity 7:30

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