Jan 2013

                                                                   Minutes Committee Meeting Jan. 28 2013
Attendees: Eric, Jovita, Cheryl, Elliot, Harlan, Bryan, Robin, Bill, Sara, Bob


1. Prayer: Bryan

2. Minutes: Bob, Approved

3. Quartermaster: There are Ski rentals, the rental place was not renting them as early as we wanted. Trailer needs tires. Double check tents for all stakes ext. going to use last big stuff bag.

4. Ventures: Doing an activity interest survey, gun control debate this Wednesday. Interests camping, caving, kayaking. Snow shoeing Grand Teton National Park Bradley Tagert Feb 23. Need to do Salmon River Permit.

5. Past Events: Winteree Went very well, doubled up work stations. No injuries, sleds did well. Bryce go sick in tent and is cleaning it, Robin said he did not feel well either maybe something they ate.

6. Up coming Events:

 A. Snow Caving Feb 16: Location TBA

 B. ILST Feb 22 Things we want on calendar

 C. March 9 Lava tube caving

 D. April 6 Rocket Building

 E. April 13 Rockets

 F. Merit Badge Scramble: Feb 9 March 2 Have Scouts do homework

 G. June 7-10 Bike 50+ miler Barney Tepid Springs
 H. Camp Loll 6/30-7/6: Find out payment date and amount.

 I. Court of Honor: Feb 26

 J. Family Camp Hells Half Acre May 17-18

 K. March 26 Arrow of Light Ceremony for crossing WEBELOS

 M. March 27 Dare Program Video session 

 N. April Youth Protection Training:

 O. Sept 3rd weekend Scout Expo

7. Troop News:

 A. Dutch Oven Brunch Feb 10: Have Pam call families not yet signed up for help. They need to know how much it helps

 B. Feb 6 Eagle CoH for Michael Sussman

 C. May 14 Eagle CoH for Austin Jensen
8. Need to get more parents involved in Troop Activities: Present formalized expectations. Example Lead a weekend event.

9. Treasurer: Scout Store.$237.36 Checking $1912.69 Savings $1464.98 total $3377.67 Owe Scouts 2083.49 Leaves $1294.18

Write check to the U of I for $85.36 for Austin Jensen

10. New Business: Need new Scoutmaster, Robin stepping down April 1. Cheryl wants to step down as committe chair, but will wait awhile. Feb 7 District Reconition Dinner Brentwood Stake, buy tickets at Scout Office $10 each Harlan, Award of Merit.

11. Scoutmaster Minute: Robin

                                                   Next Parents Committee Meeting Feb 25 2013

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