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Favorites of 2012

Outing Vital Statistics

Service Projects:

February - Scout Sunday Brunch, Flag ceremony for Council Meeting.

May - paint parking lot stripes, trim tree

October - Haunting of Elks, Scouting for Food

November - Council Holiday Auction

Eagle Projects:  Austin J, Michael S, Aaron S, Phillip L, Doug B.

Outings Narrative:

January - Winteree

Scouts from Troop 6 attended the 27th Winteree at West Piney Lodge on Jan. 27, 28 & 29. 360 people attended, including 260 scouts from 35 troops.  They had lots of fun and participated in all of the competitions.  We had two nights of camping with -19 C on Friday and -9 on Saturday.  Troop 387 won the trophy for the second year.  The A-Team came in 2nd in lashings, and the Wookies came in First in Orienteering and 2nd in fire building.  

In attendance were David L, William, Aaron, Andrew, Ben, Sam, Morris, Calen, Justin, Bryce, Seth, Philip, Taven, Connor and Joe.  Adults were Robin, Nancy, Harlan, Darren, Tim, Trish and Cheryl.  In addition, people from Pack 6 attended. (check out the group photo.)

February - Epic Snow Caving

February 2012 we tried to execute our annual snow caving outing at Pine Creek Pass.  It was snowing and blowing.  We got as far as Heise, and there was a white-out, so we went thru Rexburg.  It was almost as bad, and the road was closed after we went thru.  We took a vote at the turnoff to the cabin, but the guys wanted to try it, so we headed to the pass.  The bigger guys with snowshoes and sleds made it to the cornice, but the wind was worse there.  The younger guys weren’t making much progress, and were seizing up.  So we decided for health and safety reasons to go to plan C - at the cabin.  There was a quinzee there already from a previous visitor, so 5 guys got to enlarge it and sleep in it.

It wasn’t a total loss, though, we completed the leader training and year planning that was scheduled for next weekend. Entertainment was the Star Trek movie. And we stopped by the Rainey Creek Store on the way home for square ice cream! 

In attendance were William, Bryce, Taven, Ben, Phillip, Austin, Michael, Doug and Sam.  Adults were Robin, Bob and Cheryl.  Scouts earned 2 miles trekking, -10C at night.  The drive was about 250 harrowing miles by the time we were all done.  

March - Willard Bay

March 2012, Troop 6 went camping at Willard Bay.  This was our trains, planes & automobiles outing.  We visited the train/car/gun museum in Ogden on Saturday and then the Hill Air Force Base museum on Sunday.  A few of us also visited the dinosaur museum on 12th St. to see the minerals. Sunday morning was very exciting as an enraged wild Tom Turkey was chasing the Scouts around.  

We got -2 C over night and the drive was 400 miles round trip.  Present were Taven, Sam, Seth,  Justin, William, David P.  Doug, Michael and Ben.  Adults were Robin, Cheryl and the Huff family JJ&J.

April - Kipuka

In April Troop 6 did a bridging for two Webelos from Pack 6 and welcomed them into Troop 6.  Also the outing was to the kipuka for rockets and fun in the lavas.  There were injuries.  Scouts earned about 3 miles hiking.  In attendance were Robin, Eric L, Bryce, Tim, Braden, Taven, David P, William, Connor and Ben.

May - Massacre Rocks

For the May 2012 outing Troop 6 went to Massacre Rocks State Park for 3 big events.  We biked about 6 miles, then canoed across the river and did some climbing.  The park cost us $45  for Friday night, so we pulled up stakes and moved to the desert where we engaged in a fruitless search for a lava tube.  Cheryl got a flat tire that the Scouts changed.  We had Ice Cream on the way home of course.

    In attendance were Seth, Ben, Brendan, Tim, Talan, Taven, Justin, Bryce, David P, Connor, Calvin and William.  Adults were Robin, Cheryl and Elizabeth.

June - Henry's Fork

This may have been one of the shortest 50 milers in history.  We started at the Big Springs under cloudy skies and it hailed.  The wind blew.  After 7 miles of canoeing we set up camp in a clearing just down river from Coffeepot campground.  They had to haul the canoes about 1/4 mile up hill to the cars.  We hiked one mile to look at the rapids before bed.  We woke up to snow in the morning and got -3 C degrees overnight.  After checking the weather - we decided to bag the rest of the canoeing.  The guys cleaned out the Groover and we visited upper and lower Mesa Falls.  We did about 7 miles of canoeing and 5 miles of hiking.  Attending were Doug, David, Ben, Connor, Braden and Taven.  Adults were Robin and Cheryl.  About 200 miles of driving with all the shuttling.

July - Easton

This summer Troop 6 travelled to the Coeur d’Alene area to visit Camp Easton.  They paddled the war canoe across the lake to Mica Bay and had a rainy outpost.  The drive was 495 miles.  In attendance were Taven, Bryce, Connor, Tim, Braden, Doug, Seth, Ben.  Adults were Robin, Bill and Eric.

Many other Troop 6‘ers participated in Summer camping:  Brendon, Taven, Justin and Cheryl staffed at Island Park Scout Camp and the three boys were Wood Badge Youth Reps.  Ben, Bryce, David L, Philip, William , Ruth , and Hannah  attended Cedar Badge.  Cheryl, Harlan, Linda, and Nancy staffed training and finally Robin attended/staffed Powder Horn.

August - Ririe boating

The August outing was at Ririe reservoir, and we held our annual Junior Leader Training, TLT, ILST or whatever it was, along with year planning and water sports.  The first challenge was for the guys to get Robin’s big tent up on Friday night.  The next day the rest of the troop and Venturing Crew 6 arrived and water sports commenced.  The reservoir was down, so there was some mud wallowing.  Scout had fun riding the tube, although nobody tried the water skiing or boarding for the merit badge.  Mileage was 40 round trip, Venturers got 3 miles of canoeing.  In attendance were:  Friday:  Taven (New SPL), Connor, David P, David L, Philip, Robin and Cheryl.  Saturday included the leadership plus William, Braden, Tim, Doug, Michael and Bob B.  

September - Borah

In September Robin led a bunch of Troop 6ers to the top of Mt. Borah.

October - Shoshone Geyser Basin

The October outing this year was to Shoshone Geyser basin in Yellowstone.  We spend Friday night at Eric’s cabin in Island Park, drove into Yellowstone, had our bear talk, and were on the trail by about 9:30 am.   We hiked past Lone Star Geyser to our campsite about 7 miles in, set up camp then hiked another 3 miles to the geyser basin.  The day was cool but beautiful and clear.  We saw our share of animals.

In attendance were Scouts:  Taven, Connor, Bryce, David P, Tim, Braden and Christian.  Adults were Robin, Eric, Brian, Perry and Cheryl.  Everyone got 20 miles hiking and -9c.  The drive was about 315 miles.

November - Green Canyon (of Course)

There’s been a lot of stuff going on recently.  We said goodbye to the Salazars, inducted two new scouts, helped with Scouting for food, did the University of Scouting, Holiday Auction, and finally the November outing at (where else?) Green Canyon.  

It snowed of course and the temperature was -2F - or -19C.  The scouts had a cooking contest pot luck for dinner.  In attendance were Taven, Seth, Braden, Connor, Tim, William.  Adults were Robin, Eric and Cheryl.  Webelos from Pack 6 and Girl Scouts from Troop 60 also came, with them were Bill, Nancy and Harlan.  The drive was 110 miles rt.

December - Granite Hot Springs

December 2012 - Troop 6 renewed a tradition of going to Granite Hot Springs in Wyoming to ski and swim.  Robin took his snowmobiles and ferried in the gear.  Then picked up people after about 4 hours of skiing.  The hot pool was really appreciated.  Those in attendance earned -8 C on Friday and Saturday nights, and travelled 10 miles on skis.  Scouts were Taven, Seth, Connor, William, Tim, David P, and Braden.  Adults were Robin, Eric, Harlan and Cheryl (coming on Saturday).  Adults drove 220 miles.

© Cheryl Siedelmann 2012