Nov 22, 2010


Lance Blaine Johnson

  Lance Johnson was born on the 14th of July 1992, in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He attended Fox Hollow elementary school where he joined the newly formed Cub Scout Pack 132 as a Tiger Cub.   He continued with Pack 132 for five years during which he participated in numerous Cub Scout activities and his father, Blaine Johnson, served as Cubmaster. 

During his second year in Webelos, Lance, along with his father, accepted an invitation by Troop 6 to attend their November Green Canyon campout.  After this initial experience with the Troop 6 scouts and leaders, Lance had made his mind up to be a Troop 6 Boy Scout.  He had such a great time at Green Canyon that he jumped at the chance to go to the 2002 Winteree where he was the only Webelos, and has attended every Winteree since.  After receiving his Arrow-of-Light, Lance was bridged over from Pack 132 to Troop 6 in early 2003 by Jim Siedelmann.

Lance’s first campout as a Boy Scout with Troop 6 was the infamous “Bloomington Death March”, where the inside joke of “just one more mile” was coined.  Lance’s first merit badge earned was “Nuclear Science” at the Merit Badge Pow Wow at BYU-I.  Lances first summer camp was in 2007 at Camp Easton on Lake Coeur d'Alene where he learned that sail boats work better with wind as he and 3 other scouts paddled a 25ft sail boat across the lake.

Lance has served as the troop quartermaster (for almost his entire time in the troop), patrol leader, senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, troop guide, musician, junior assistant scoutmaster, and later as the president for Crew 6.

Lance’s Eagle Project was the preparation and repainting of the rear emergency staircase and the front handrail at the Trinity Methodist Church. Nine people spent 114 hours on the project.

Lance is currently a student at the University of Idaho majoring in Mechanical Engineering and plans on joining the Navy’s Reserve Officer Training Corps during his sophomore year.

Eagle Scout Ceremony

November 22, 2010

Opening Ceremony    Austin Jensen

Senior Patrol Leader

Slide Show     Troop 6 Leaders

Eagle Investiture    Troop 6 Scouts and Leaders

    Cheryl Siedelmann

    Troop Committee Chairman

Award Presentation    Troop 6 Leaders

Benediction    Chaplain Richard Dickson   


Troop 6 Leaders:    Scoutmaster, Robin Stewart

    Assistant Scoutmasters: Elliot Sussman

    Blaine Johnson, Dean Addiego, Bob Boozer

Committee members:  Ron Salazar, Jovita Cosens     

Moira and Tim Solle,  Susan Smith

Greg Bass, Harlan Lerum, Sara Jensen

Michael Kelso, Lisa Richardson, Nancy Stewart

Chaplain:  Richard Dickson

Committee Chairman:  Cheryl Siedelmann

     Chartered Org. Representative: Bill O’Steen

Reception will follow, provided by Lance’s parents.


Troop 6 BSA is sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church

and is chartered 

in the Eagle Rock District of the Grand Teton Council

Boy Scouts of America

Court of Honor Script


[Pre opening music starts at 7:20 - [SPL is in place at podium,  SPL gives Scout sign.  As silence is complete.]

SPL:    Scouts, scouters, guests, friends and family, please rise... 

SPL:  Color Guard Assemble

    Hand salute

    Color Guard Forward, Halt

    Please post the colors

[The color guard enters from the rear ]

SPL:    Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    I pledge allegiance to the flag

    of the United States of America

    And to the Republic, for which it stands

    One nation under God, indivisible

    with Liberty and Justice for all.  Two.

SPL:    Two.  Color guard, dismissed.  The audience may be seated.

SPL:    Richard Dickson, Chaplain of Troop 6, will give the invocation.

Richard:     Prayer.        

SPL:     The Master of Ceremonies for this evening's Court of Honor is Cheryl Siedelmann, Committee Chairman of Troop 6.

MC:      I, Cheryl Siedelmann, on behalf of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, now call this National Court of Honor to order.

We are here to honor Lance Johnson with the Eagle Scout Award.  I have prepared some slides to illustrate Lance’s trail to Eagle with Troop 6.

Picture Narrative:


Before joining Troop 6, Lance enjoyed the cub program with Pack 132.  Here he is with his Den in 2002.

Lance went to his first Winteree in 2003 as a Webelos scout.

Lance joined Troop 6 in early 2003, and so has been with us for almost seven years.  Here’s one of his first activities with the Troop, making sculptures.

In May, there was the infamous “death march” which Lance has never forgotten

But that didn’t discourage him from taking another backpack in July to Iron Bog Lake.  Here  he is practicing fire building.

Then he is in fine form as he treks up the hill.  This became his favorite hike.

August found him enjoying the water and fish at Barney tepid springs.

In September Lance got his first rank advancement at a Court of Honor

December, and Lance bravely went off with the Troop for a winter camping experience.


At the 2004 Winteree Lance helped his patrol compete in a sled race with one of the ancient Troop 6 sleds.

Then he helps cook at Junior Leader Training at the Siedelmann cabin.

Lance enjoys some good food at the Scout Sunday brunch.  He spent many years helping with the cooking.

The perfect event for a snow winter day - climbing at Stone Walls.

And the perfect place to go in March - biking at Massacre Rocks State Park.

Followed by real rock climbing at the same location.

And Lance played the flute during the Sunday devotional.

Lance and his cousin Bob practice flag folding at a troop meeting.

May’s outing was to do some caving at a lava tube by St. Anthony.

Here, Lance and Colton manage the annual rummage sale in June.

Lance, Blaine and Uncle Robert.

Lance practices canoeing in June in the Snake River.

Another September, another Court of Honor and more advancement.

The September outing was to Yankee Fork, where everyone got to sample a hot spring in the Salmon River.

Lance and his buddies got to explore the Yankee Fork dredge.

And that evening, Robin works with him on advancements.

Lance got to participate in his first Eagle Court of Honor for Matt Crane.

The October outing was to Craters of the Moon where Lance does cooking for his patrol.

We find him again being a troglodyte exploring lava tubes.

He posed for a group shot with his patrol.  Recognize those people?  Jeff Bass, Allen Stewart, Eric Bass, Bob Neidner, Greg Bass and Lance.

In November Lance helped make tables to donate to the Grand Teton Council Holiday Auction.  This was the last troop activity with Jim Siedelmann.

Later that month there was a lull in the activity at Scouting for Food.

In December, Lance participated in an Eagle Ceremony for Michael Crall.


Lances tosses the tomahawk at the Winteree

And competes with vigor at the Log saw event.

Another JLT and we catch Lance cooking again.

Trying on ski boots before a cross country skiing event.

Later, he practices skiing outside O. E. Bell.

A March meeting outside in the dark to practice backpack cooking.

And another meeting where the guys shot marshmallows from those tubes.

At the Lewis and Clark camporee in April, Lance was caught for a portrait.

He practiced “portaging” by moving those bags of spuds.

And the comped in various Indian games.

His patrol did well and had a group hug.

The May outing was to Cedar Butte, where the last activity was camp cleanup.  Lance scored a tire.

Lance shows off his axe sharpening skills.

Later he gets a hug from an exotic snake.

At another troop meeting first aid skills were practiced.

The September outing was a canoe trip on the Beaverhead river, where Lewis and Clarked travelled.  Here he is with Austin, cooking.

And here we have the group having lunch along the river.

Lance got to use an old fashioned water pump.

This is a JLT outing where the guys get ready to make a super-duper fire.


Lance prepares for an induction ceremony for new scouts.

Matt and Lance work with Alice during the Winteree at Treasure Mountain.

Here he helps with a skit at the Cub family camp at Krupp.

Lance went on the 50 miler canoe trip on the Missouri River.  He got to pilot the denterprise.

Here’s a group shot at Judith Landing at the end of the trip.

Lance helped with a weed removal service project.

Here he hangs out at the annual Green Canyon outing.

Look closely at his pants and gaiters and you will see lots of burrs that Lance picked up in the bushes at Green Canyon.

Lance totes some donated food at the 2006 Scouting for Food drive at Holy Rosary.

Lance enjoyed his gift at the troop Christmas party.

And finally for the December outing, Lance snowshoed his gear in to the campsite.


Everyone is bundled up for the snow caving outing at Pine Creek Pass

Lance takes charge while cooking for the Dutch Oven Brunch.

He was elected Senior Patrol Leader and got an advancement from Mr. Bass

Lance works on painting the floor of the new troop trailer.

Everyone enjoys a lunch at the Train museum in Ogden.

Then Lance checks out the train engines at the museum.

July’s outing was another hike to Iron Bog.  Here Lance helps RJ, who went on a hike without his shoes.

The scouts pose at the top of a pass by Iron Bog lake.

Lance paints the stripes on the lot at Trinity,

Jared and Lance carry the food to the troop campsite at Treasure Mountain.

Lance competes with Hans during the camp competitions.

Finally, Lance claims an award at the closing ceremony.


The January outing is ice fishing at Mud Lake.

Lance helps score the treasure hunt sheets at the Winteree.

Hans and Lance work on a winteree competition.

Dean is the victim as Lance shows off his first aid skills.

At camp Morrison, Lance, Bob and Nick show off the spirit stick.

Lance and Nick compete at the log toss.

Lance mows weeds while doing a tough rent-a-scout project.

Ryan and Lance get ready to do some lashings.

Chilling with Nick and Austen by the church in August

Another hike to Iron Bog, and Fish Pole Lake, and Lance cooked a fish that he caught.

All geared up for the backpack hike down the mountain.

Lance, Nick and Bob help out at the Haunting of the Elks.

Then at a troop meeting, they take apart one of Robin’s dead engines.


Here Lance clowns around with Nick as the troop gears up for the Winteree.

Teamworking with his patrol on the 3 legged skiis

Lance went to the District Recognition Dinner in February to support Blaine as he got the District Award of Merit.

Here he is cooking again for the Dutch Oven brunch.  

Drilling a hole in the ice at Ririe Reservoir during the ice-fishing outing.

Helping Tim clean up after a wet rummage sale.

Lance rappels down during a climbing activity at Ririe reservoir.

Relaxing at Krupp while working on the Bicycling merit badge.

Here he is being towed on the knee board behind Robin’s boat at Ririe.

In September Lance hiked to the top of Idaho, Mt. Borah with Crew 6, here he poses with the Stewart family.

Then in December Lance goes on a ski trip with the troop to Harriman State Park


Lance and his mom at the February court of Honor.

On May 16, 2010, Lance had lunch while doing a 20 mile hike to complete his last Eagle merit badge - hiking.

And here it is, the last picture:  work being done on Lance’s Eagle project - to sand and paint the stairs at the back of the church.

The Challenge Ceremony

MC:         We come now to that part of our court of honor where we are to give recognition to the candidate for the rank of Eagle Scout.

MC:        Would the Troop 6 Honor Guard escort the candidate, Lance Blaine Johnson to the podium.

MC:         Awarding the Eagle Badge of rank is an important and serious matter. It is the goal toward which Lance Johnson has been working for seven years. It is the culmination of effort by his parents and Scout Leaders. It is an occasion for pride and for joy, but, it is also a time for serious contemplation.

The Eagle Badge of rank is the highest and most coveted award in all of Scouting, and it is the last major step in the advancement program. If at this point, Scouting has not achieved its purpose of building character--then it probably never shall. These thoughts, which are the basic code of Scouting, are well summed up in the pledge that is taken by every Scout in the council upon advancement to Eagle rank.

Are you willing to adopt the Eagle Pledge?

LANCE: I am.

(A Life Scout in the audience interrupts.)

LIFE SCOUT CALEN KELSO:     Stop! I challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle.

MC:         Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

CALEN:     I am a Life Scout, and my esteem for the Eagle rank gives me the right to so challenge.

MC:         On what grounds do you challenge?

CALEN:    Has Lance achieved the requirements in Scoutcraft and Life Interest?

BILL O’STEEN:     His application was verified, and indicates that he has satisfactorily completed the required 21 merit badges in the various fields of endeavor, plus nine more for 30 merit badges.  Are you satisfied Life Scout?

CALEN:     I am.

(A Tenderfoot Scout in the audience interrupts.)

TENDERFOOT SCOUT DAVID LERUM:     I, too, challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle

MC:   Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

DAVID:     I am a Tenderfoot Scout, and the respect that I have for the uniform that I wear gives me the right to so challenge.

MC:          On what grounds do you challenge?

DAVID:     Does his Scoutmaster certify that Lance has actively participated in Scouting in his troop. Has he demonstrated leadership, and done his best to help in his home, school, church, and community?

ROBIN:      As Scoutmaster of Troop 6, I certify that for more than 6 months since attaining the Life rank, Lance has held leadership positions in his troop. Also, he has been active in school, church, and community activities.

MC:         Are you now satisfied?

DAVID     I am.

(An Eagle Scout in the audience interrupts.)

EAGLE SCOUT MATT SOLLE:     I too challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle.

MC:         Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

MATT:     I am an Eagle Scout, and the pride that I have in this badge that I wear over my heart gives me the right to so challenge.

MC:         On what grounds do you challenge?

MATT:     Has Lance demonstrated his Scouting Spirit?  Has his ability to live and act in accordance with the ideals of Scouting, as exemplified by the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan been noted?

2nd CLASS SCOUT SETH STEWART:     Scouts and Scouters, please stand and join me in reciting the Scout Oath:

On my honor I will do my best 
To do my duty to God and my country 
and to obey the Scout Law; 
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, 
mentally awake, and morally straight.

1st CLASS SCOUT MICHAEL SUSSMAN:  Scouts and Scouters, please stand and join me in reciting the Scout Law:

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, 

friendly, courteous, kind, 

obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
brave, clean, and reverent.


1st CLASS SCOUT JARED HINCKLEY:  Scouts and Scouters, please stand and join me in reciting the Outdoor Code:

    As an American I will do my best 

    To be clean in my outdoor manners

    To be careful with fire

    To be Considerate in the outdoors

    And to be Conservation minded.


STAR SCOUT DOUG BOOZER:      The Scout motto is Be Prepared.  The Scout slogan is Do a Good Turn Daily.

RON SALAZAR:     As a member of the board that reviewed Lance’s record, I certify that, after investigation, interview, and examination. The board is of the opinion that Lance has demonstrated that he has held to the spirit of Scouting in his daily living. The board recommends his advancement to Eagle.

MC:         Are you now satisfied, Matt?

MATT:     I am still not satisfied. I believe that Lance should understand that the Eagle Rank is a big responsibility. As well as an honor, and I respectfully ask that Lance be informed of the responsibilities of an Eagle Scout before continuing further.

MC:         Thank you, Eagle Scout Matt Solle. I agree with your feelings.  The Adult leaders of Troop 6 will detail those responsibilities:

HARLAN LERUM:     The first responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor, which to an Eagle is sacred. Honor is the foundation of character -- it is what a person really is, down inside, not what someone may think he is. An Eagle will live so as to reflect credit upon his home, church, school, friends, upon Scouting, and upon himself. May the white of your Eagle badge always remind you to live with honor.

DEAN ADDIEGO:     The second responsibility of an Eagle Scout is loyalty, for without loyalty, character lacks direction. An Eagle is loyal to his ideals. May the blue of your Eagle badge always remind you to be loyal.

BOB BOOZER:     The third responsibility of an Eagle Scout is courage. Courage gives character force and strength. Trusting in God and with faith in his fellowman, the Eagle faces each day unafraid, and seeks his share of the world's work. May the red of your Eagle badge always remind you of courage.

ELIOTT SUSSMAN:     The final responsibility of an Eagle Scout is service. He extends a helping hand to those who toil up the Scouting trail he has completed, just as others helped him in his achievement of the Eagle rank. The habit of the daily Good Turn must take on new meaning and blossom forth into a life of service. The Eagle protects and defends the weak and the helpless. He aids and comforts the oppressed and the unfortunate. He upholds the rights of others while defending his own. His code of honor is based upon the belief that leadership is founded upon real service.

MATT:         Mrs. Siedelmann, if Lance is willing and eager to accept the mantle of responsibility, as well as the honor of the badge, then I will be satisfied and request that you proceed to administer the Eagle pledge.

MC:         (To Eagle candidate) Are you ready and willing to accept these responsibilities and to adopt the Eagle pledge?

LANCE:     I am.

MC:        Greg Bass will now deliver the Charge to Eagle.  Would all Eagle Scouts in the audience please join us in the Eagle’s nest at the podium.

Greg:    Scouts, scouters, parents and guests please stand.

[Greg moves to stand facing the candidate]

Greg:    All Eagle Scouts, make the scout sign and repeat after me.

(Repeat the Eagle pledge)


“I reaffirm my allegiance 

to the three promises of the Scout Oath 

I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself the obligations 

and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout 

On my honor I will do my best 

to make my training an example 

my rank and my influence count strongly

for better Scouting and for better citizenship 

in my troop and in my community 

and in my contacts with other people 

To this I pledge my sacred honor.

Robin:    Ladies and gentlemen, by the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America it is my privilege to present to you  Eagle Scout Lance B. Johnson.

Presentation of awards:

MC:        Would the Honor Guard please conduct Lance’s parents, Patty and Blaine Johnson, forward.

MC:        Honor Guard dismissed.

MC:      Lance’s mother, Patty Johnson, will now present Lance with his Eagle Medal.

MC:        No-one will ever know the unnumbered acts of service and helpfulness from the mother of this Eagle Scout which has led us to this night.  As the symbol of what this mom has made possible, the court asks Lance to present his mother with a Mom’s Eagle Pin.

MC:        Your father has watched your scouting career over the years and has been one of your leaders since you were a Cub Scout.  The court asks that you present him with an Eagle Dad Pin.  Your dad will in turn present you with an Eagle tie tack for your use.

MC:        Lance has some grand parent’s pins to present.

MC:        Lance will now present his Eagle mentor pins to ?

Lance: Presents pins, adds his comments.

MC:        The leaders of Troop 6 will now present other Eagle items:

MC:      The Eagle Scout badge, and knot for your adult uniform.

MC:     The Eagle Neckerchief and slide to you.

MC:     Eagle Certificate and card for you.

MC:      Grand Teton Council Centennial coin and Eagle Scout Council Shoulder patch.

MC:        I’m proud of my Eagle Scout bumper stickers for your parents.

MC:        In remembrance of your scouting career, all the fun times and all the work we have an Eagle album of your Scouting pictures.  

MC:        Would the honor guard please escort  the parents to their seats.


MC:     Richard Dickson will now give the benediction.

Richard:    [Benediction]

MC:        I now declare this National Court of Honor closed.  I ask the members of the Court and Eagle Scouts present to be the first to congratulate Lance Johnson.  A reception with refreshments has been prepared for everyone in the parlor.






© Cheryl Siedelmann 2012