Michael Ari Sussman

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Michael was born on October 22, 1997 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He attended Westside Elementary, and joined Pack 132 as a Tiger Cub and continued in Pack 132 for 5 years.  His father, Elliot , Pete Nawrocki and Bob Boozer were his leaders.  One of Michael’s favorite Cub Scout activities was the annual Pinewood Derby.  During his second year in Webelos, Michael and his father attended Troop 6’s Green Canyon campout in November 2008.  Shortly afterwards, he bridged over to Troop 6 in December 2008 (in 5th grade), with Cheryl Siedelmann as Scoutmaster.

Michael participated in many Troop 6 activities including several Winterees, snow caving, a reasonable amount of time spent at the Siedelmann cabin, summer camps, hikes and much more.  Michael has served as Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Chaplain’s Aide, and Scribe.

Michael’s Eagle Project was to take out an old one-foot high safety fence at the Desert Eagles Model Airplane Flying Club (DEMAFC), and replace it with a new 4-foot high orange snow fence with chain link fence posts.   This required developing dimensioned drawings, procurement of materials, organizing and leading the work parties, taking out the old fence, digging post holes and setting the fence posts in concrete, and installing the new fence.   Nine people spent 193 hours on the project.

Michael is a member of the Skyline Chess Club and is on the Skyline Debate Team.   He enjoys doing outdoor activities with his family – camping, skiing, hiking, hunting, competitive shooting, and fishing.  In 2010, Michael drew on the Tex Creek youth elk hunt.   Michael and his father spent many weekends of chasing wapiti and discovering new country.  On the last weekend of the hunt, Michael spotted a cow elk hiding under a juniper and killed it with a single shot.  

In July 2011, Michael and his father dove down to Ft. Stockton, TX for Michael to compete in the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association annual International shooting match.  Michael won the High Junior award.  This past summer, Michael became proficient in rowing a drift boat down the South Fork while his father fished.  Michael also enjoys building and flying radio controlled model aircraft with the DEMAFC and is looking forward to pylon races this summer.


February 6, 2013

Opening Ceremony Taven Smith

Senior Patrol Leader

Eagle Investiture Bill O’Steen

Chartered Organization Representative

Slide Show Troop 6 Leaders

Award Presentation Troop 6 Leaders

Charge to Eagles Eagle Scout Aaron Solle

Benediction Chaplain Harlan Lerum

Troop 6 Leaders: Scoutmaster, Robin Stewart

Assistant Scoutmasters: Elliot Sussman, Bryan Breffle,

Harlan Lerum, Blaine Johnson, Richard Dickson

Committee members:  Jovita Cosens     

Sara Jensen, Moira and Tim Solle, 

Eric Lybeck, Bob Boozer, Sara Jensen

 Lisa Schulhauser, Nancy Stewart

Chaplain:  Harlan Lerum

Committee Chairman:  Cheryl Siedelmann

Chartered Org. Representative:  Bill O’Steen

Reception will follow, provided by Michael’s parents.

Troop 6 BSA is sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church 

and is chartered 

in the Eagle Rock District of the Grand Teton Council

Michael's CEREMONY

[SPL is in place at podium, 12 scouts in line at left ready to do their part.  One Candle is lit in holder.   SPL gives Scout sign.  As silence is complete.]

12 people holding candles, 3 scouts for Honor Guard.

[Purple candle is lit before the ceremony starts.]

SPL: Scouts, scouters, guests, friends and family, please rise... 

SPL:  Color Guard Assemble

Hand salute

Color Guard Forward, Halt

Please post the colors

[The color guard enters from the rear ]

SPL: Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America

And to the Republic, for which it stands

One nation under God, indivisible

with Liberty and Justice for all.  Two.

SPL:  Scouts and Scouters, please make the Scout sign and Join me in the Scout Oath -

On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

And to obey the Scout law

To help other people at all times

To keep myself physically strong,

Mentally awake and morally straight.

SPL: Two.  Color guard, dismissed.  The audience may be seated.

SPL: Bryan Breffle, Chaplain of Troop 6, will give the invocation.

Bryan: Prayer.  [Gives prayer from main podium.]

SPL: The Master of Ceremonies for this evening's Court of Honor is Cheryl Siedelmann, Committee Chairman of Troop 6.

MC:  I, William O'Steen, on behalf of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, now call this National Court of Honor to order.

MC:   To earn the higher rank in Scouting, a young man has to spend a great deal of time and effort.  Therefore the occasion which recognizes his accomplishments is very special.

MC:  When a boy becomes a scout, there should be instilled within him something that we call the "Scouting Spirit."  This single lighted candle represents that spirit. 

[HOLD UP THE LIT CANDLE] As the law is echoed, each candle is lit by the ASPL.

Because the scouting spirit embodies the fine principles of the Scout Oath and Law, it becomes a shining beacon of inspiration.  Alone this light may be feeble, but when multiplied by the more than four million youth in Scouting, it can become very powerful indeed.

MC:  The Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 6 will now present the Scout Law:  

SPL:  A Scout is Trustworthy.

Echo:  A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. People can depend on him.

SPL:  A Scout is Loyal.

Echo:  A Scout is true to his family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and nation.

SPL:  A Scout is Helpful.

Echo:  A Scout cares about other people. He willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward.

SPL: A Scout is Friendly.

Echo:  A Scout is a friend to all.  He is a brother to other Scouts. 

He offers his friendship to people of all races and nations, and respects them even if their beliefs and customs are different from his own.

SPL:  A Scout is Courteous.

Echo:  A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position.  He knows that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.

SPL A Scout is Kind.

Echo:  A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle.  He treats others as he wants to be treated.  Without good reason, he does not harm or kill any living thing.

SPL:  A Scout is Obedient.

Echo:  A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop.  He obeys the laws of his community and country.  If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobeying them.

SPL:  A Scout is Cheerful.

Echo:  A Scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.

SPL: A Scout is Thrifty.

Echo:  A Scout works to pay his own way and to help others.  He saves for the future.  He protects and conserves natural resources.  He carefully uses time and property.

SPL: A Scout is Brave.

Echo:  A Scout can face danger although he is afraid.  He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.

SPL:  A Scout is Clean.

Echo:  A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean.  He chooses the company  of those who live by high standards. He helps keep his home and community clean.

SPL:  A Scout is Reverent.

Echo:  A Scout is reverent toward God.  He is faithful in his religious duties.  He respects the beliefs of others.


We are here to honor Michael Sussman with the Eagle Scout Award.  Mrs. Siedelmann has prepared some slides to illustrate Michael’s trail to Eagle in Cub Scouts and with Troop 6.

Picture Narrative:

Cub Scouts.

  1. Michael became a Tiger Cub in Pack Pack 132 in 2004 and continued in Pack 132 for 5 years.  His father, Elliot was his leader for Tiger Cubs;.  Here they are at the end of year picnic in 2005.
  2. Pete Nawrocki and Elliot were co-leaders for Wolf Cubs. One of Michael’s favorite Cub Scout activities was the annual Pinewood Derby.  
  3. Here he is with his Wolf buddies, Doug, Seth and Michael.
  4. Bob Boozer was Michael’s leader for Bear through 2nd year Webelos.
  5. Michael earned the grand prize trophy as a Webelos for the Council highest popcorn sales.
  6. There were many years of hard racing on the Derby track.  
  7. Here Moira Solle evaluates his entry.
  8. During his second year in Webelos, Michael and his father attended Troop 6’s Green Canyon campout in November 2008.   Then in January 2009, he joined Troop 6.
  9. Here he is in his first Scout uniform.

2009 - 

  1.   Blaine Johnson taught Seth, Michael and Wesley some Scout skills.
  2.   Then on January 14, they were inducted in to Troop 6 and received their Scout badges and other bling.
  3. Michael, Wesley, Seth and Doug were delighted.
  4. Michael attended his first Winteree in January 2009 – 
  5. his patrol performed well in shelter building, signaling, and treasure hunt
  6. Also log saw, but they did not do so good in the sled race (they came in next to last).  
  7. Still – a fun time was had and the weather cooperated for the newbies – the low was only about 15 degrees.   
  8. In February the troop outing was ice fishing at Ririe reservoir. 
  9. That involved a lot of waiting and watching.
  10. Michael was more successful than most.
  11. Blaine showed the guys how to clean a fish for a great dinner.
  12. The February Court of Honor saw Michael and the other newbies being introduced to Troop 6,
  13. And he got his first advancement - notice the proud Mom.
  14. Michael whole heartedly participated in Troop meetings.
  15. Michael attended Junior Leader training in March at Cheryl’s cabin – the boys slept outside in tents (somewhat snowy weather).  
  16. They practiced signaling
  17. And BB gun shooting
  18. Did some skits
  19. And advancements with Bill.
  20. In April Michael and Elliot helped with bicycle tune up at a troop meeting.
  21. He also helped with a Council flag ceremony at the Shiloh in April.
  22. He and Dad worked on a rent-a-scout project, cleaning up a yard.
  23. Michael went on the biking/hiking trip to Cedar Butte in April – he reported an interesting and fun time.  Highlights included stopping in Blackfoot for root beer shakes on the drive to Cedar Butte; cooking burgers for Friday night dinner (they were somewhat raw in the middle); 
  24. biking up Cedar Butte on Saturday; biking to Atomic City after dinner Saturday for ice cream; having campfires both nights with songs and skits; packing up Sunday in the snow after Saturday night’s snowfall.  
  25. Then in June he manned the sales table at the Troop 6 rummage sale, after picking up a cool cap.
  26. Michael’s first summer camp was at Island Park in 2009.   Michael worked on his Rifle merit badge and received the “dime” award (5 shots within a dime-size spot).   
  27. He also had fun playing cards with members of his troop.  And getting down and dirty.
  28.   He was worn out by the time the troop reached Trinity, and he waited for his ride.
  29. Michael and Elliot went on the fishing campout at Ririe Reservoir in August, and took their drift boat.  They had a great time, even though Sunday’s weather was rainy and windy.  
  30. Another court of honor and another advancement for Michael.
  31. He helped set up the Troop 6 aisles at the Haunting of the Elks for Halloween.
  32. Michael went to Green Canyon in November –
  33. it was cold and snowy there, but the hot pool felt great!  
  34. And the campfire was fun.
  35. 2010 - Michael went to the Winteree in January 2010 –he had a great time and returned home tired – always a sign of a good time.  
  36. Michael and Elliot went on the snow-caving outing in February near Bear Gulch.
  37.   They both cross-country skied in to the camping area; there was only about 3 feet of snow, so the Scouts had to make bigger snow piles so that they could dig their snow caves and igloos.  
  38. Michael fell asleep on the drive home on Sunday, and the other Scouts had a hard time waking him up when they got back to Trinity.  
  39. Elliot and Michael went on  March’s  Ogden museum campout - the Hill Air Force Base museum was Michael’s favorite.  
  40. It rained and snowed and their campout was very wet – but they had a fun time.   
  41. That Spring, Michael helped with some clean up of Yellowstone Highway.
  42. Michael earned his First Class Scout rank in May.  Elliot and Michael went to the Jamboral in Blackfoot in May, where they were part of the Radio Controlled (R/C) aircraft display.  The R/C flight simulator was quite popular during the event.  
  43. Michael went on the South Fork of the Snake River backpacking trip in June;
  44. There was a nice camp in the cottonwoods. 
  45. In July, Michael went to Camp Easton, where he earned 5 merit badges, spent the night outside for the Wilderness Survival badge, went swimming every day.
  46. Practice skits– and of course, played cards.   
  47. Michael went on the backpacking trip in the Tetons in September – 
  48. starting at Teton Canyon, going up the Alaska Basin trail, 
  49. camping at Sunset Lake, 
  50. hiking out via Cascade Canyon, and catching the boat shuttle for the last part. 
  51.   They did not get snowed on (merely hailed on) and had a great time, 
  52. although Michael’s feet hurt afterwards.    
  53. Michael went to the corn maze in Shelley with Troop 6 in October – very cool, the corn maze was cut into the Boy Scout emblem!  Throughout the year – PLC meetings at Dairy Queen – fun and delicious!  Eagle courts of honor too.


  1. Michael and Seth worked on making skis for their Klondike sled for the Winteree sled race.
  2. Michael went on the February snow caving outing near Pine Creek Pass.  It was very windy and snowy where they were, and something failed miserably with Michael’s snow cave – he ended borrowing dry clothes from Bob Boozer and came home with snow in all his gear.  
  3. Michael built model rockets with the Scouts in March; then went on the April campout at the R/C flying field.  
  4. They did rocket launches in the morning before it got too windy; the Scouts also got to fly an R/C plane on a “buddy box” with a member of the R/C club.  Later in the day, the Scouts went geo-caching at the R/C field and other geo-cache sites around Idaho Falls before returning to the R/C field for dinner and camping overnight.  
  5. Later in April, Michael and Elliot went on the Scout bike ride in Grand Teton Park, when the roads were closed to motorized vehicles but open to bicycle and foot traffic. 
  6. It was a beautiful sunny day, but cold – about 22 degrees when they started biking and then warmed up to a balmy 38 degrees!  
  7. Michael earned his Life Scout badge in June – hooray!  He went on the June outing to Cedar Butte and enjoyed riding his bike in the desert.   
  8. All the scouts were worn out by they were on their way to ice cream.
  9. Robin helped Michael celebrate his bar mitzvah in June.
  10. Michael went to Camp K bar M in July – he proclaimed the camp had the best food of all the Scout camps.  
  11. Michael earned 4 merit badges, including canoeing where they got to swamp the canoes and hung out under the canoe when it was upside down in the water.
  12. He and David enjoyed the fine days. Michael slept in a teepee and “bathed” in the lake instead of taking showers. 
  13. Again, playing cards was a fun activity.  He and Troop 6 had the honor of raising the camp flag one morning.
  14. Everyone got to sleep under the stars during an all camp outpost at the ghost town.
  15. His team took 2nd place in the “moccasin iron man challenge”.  
  16. August’s Scout outing was at Ririe Reservoir, where the temperatures were hot – perfect for playing in the water.  Michael enjoyed tubing and swimming, 
  17.   Training and year planning.
  18. Practicing scout skills
  19. Here he shows off his no watch sunburn.
  20. Then slept out under the stars Saturday night.   
  21. And demonstrated his culinary skills in the morning.
  22. There was another court of honor, and another chance to advance and show leadership.
  23. Elliot and Michael went on the Green Canyon campout in November.  The weather was snowy and windy – great for a campout!  They soaked in the hot pool at Green Canyon on Saturday; The relaxed and watched a movie that night. Sunday the Scouts launched rockets in the field beside Cheryl’s cabin.    
  24. 2012 - Michael went on the “epic” snow caving outing in February.  It was already windy and blowing in Idaho Falls when Troop 6 met at the church on Saturday – but off they went.  The Scouts headed to Pine Creek Pass first, initially going by way of Swan Valley, where the snow and wind made for white-out conditions,  They turned around at Heise, then went to Plan B – traveling to Pine Creek Pass via the Rexburg route.  The older Scouts (Michael, Doug, Austin) with their snowshoes and sleds made it to the cornice area, where it was even windier.  The younger Scouts were not making much progress and conditions were getting worse.   
  25. Robin rode his snowmobile to retrieve the older boys, and the Scouts went to Plan C – go to Cheryl’s cabin.  On the way to Cheryl’s, they stopped for ice cream in Victor.  Various roads were closed and being closed as they drove.  There was a quinzee already built at Cheryl’s cabin; some of the Scouts enlarged it and slept in it; others slept outside in tents in an area protected from the wind by the cabin.  
  26. The Scouts completed leader training and year planning; played King of the (snow) Hill, and stopped at the Rainey Creek store on the drive home Sunday for – you guessed it – ice cream.  
  27. Michael went on the Ogden museums campout in March.  Robin was sitting in a camp chair “basking in the sun” at Trinity while waiting for the Scouts to arrive – very different from February’s outing.  
  28. In addition to touring the museums, the Scouts were entertained by an enraged wild tom turkey that chased Scouts around the campground on Sunday.  
  29. Michael worked on paperwork for his Eagle Scout project during June and July – and the work began in August.  He still attended troop meetings and helped with games.
  30. It is always good to see Scouts doing manual labor of fence post digging and pouring concrete.  
  31. Michael and Doug mix concrete, His project wast to remove and replace a fence at the RC field.
  32. Elliot helps tighten the snow fence
  33. Doug and Michael inspect it
  34. Lots of people helped but these guys put on the finishing touches
  35. Michael has enjoyed being in Troop 6, especially the epic outings and the friends he has made by being a member of the troop.

The Challenge Ceremony

MC: We come now to that part of our court of honor where we are to give recognition to the candidate for the rank of Eagle Scout.

SPL: Would the Troop 6 Honor Guard escort the candidate, Michael Sussman to the podium.

(wait while this happens)

MC: Awarding the Eagle Badge of rank is an important and serious matter. It is the goal toward which Michael Sussman has been working for seven years. It is the culmination of effort by his parents and Scout Leaders. It is an occasion for pride and for joy, but, it is also a time for serious contemplation.

The Eagle Badge of rank is the highest and most coveted award in all of Scouting, and it is the last major step in the advancement program. If at this point, Scouting has not achieved its purpose of building character--then it probably never shall. These thoughts, which are the basic code of Scouting, are well summed up in the pledge that is taken by every Scout in the council upon advancement to Eagle rank.

Are you willing to adopt the Eagle Pledge?

Michael: I am.

(First, A Life Scout in the audience interrupts.)

LIFE SCOUT: Stop! I challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle.

MC: Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

LIFE SCOUT: I am a Life Scout, and my esteem for the Eagle rank gives me the right to so challenge.

MC: On what grounds do you challenge?

LIFE SCOUT: Has Michael achieved the requirements in Scoutcraft and Life Interest?

ADULT LEADER (you may ad-lib): His application was verified, and indicates that he has satisfactorily completed the required 21 merit badges in the various fields of endeavor.  Are you satisfied Life Scout?


(Second, A Tenderfoot Scout in the audience interrupts.)

TENDERFOOT SCOUT: I, too, challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle

MC:   Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

TENDERFOOT SCOUT: I am a Tenderfoot Scout, and the respect that I have for the uniform that I wear gives me the right to so challenge.

MC:  On what grounds do you challenge?

TENDERFOOT SCOUT: Does his Scoutmaster certify that Michael has actively participated in Scouting in his troop. Has he demonstrated leadership, and done his best to help in his home, school, synagogue, and community?

HARLAN ( You may ad-lib) As Scoutmaster of Troop 6, I certify that for more than 6 months since attaining the Life rank, Michael has held leadership positions in his troop. Also, he has been active in school, synagogue, and community activities.

MC: Are you now satisfied?


(Third, An Eagle Scout in the audience interrupts.)

EAGLE SCOUT AARON SOLLE: I too challenge the right of this Scout to be awarded the rank of Eagle.

MC: Who are you and by what right do you challenge?

EAGLE SCOUT: I am an Eagle Scout, and the pride that I have in this badge that I wear over my heart gives me the right to so challenge.

MC: On what grounds do you challenge?

EAGLE SCOUT: Has Michael demonstrated his Scouting Spirit?  Has his ability to live and act in accordance with the ideals of Scouting, as exemplified by the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan been noted?

CHERYL ( You may ad-lib): As a member of the board that reviewed Michael’s record, I certify that, after investigation, interview, and examination. The board is of the opinion that Michael has demonstrated that he has held to the spirit of Scouting in his daily living. The board recommends his advancement to Eagle.

MC: Are you now satisfied, EAGLE SCOUT?

EAGLE SCOUT: I am still not satisfied. I believe that Michael should understand that the Eagle Rank is a big responsibility. As well as an honor, and I respectfully ask that Michael be informed of the responsibilities of an Eagle Scout before continuing further.

MC: Thank you, Eagle Scout Aaron Solle. I agree with your feelings.  The Adult leaders of Troop 6 will detail those responsibilities:

ADULT LEADER #1: The first responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor, which to an Eagle is sacred. Honor is the foundation of character -- it is what a person really is, down inside, not what someone may think he is. An Eagle will live so as to reflect credit upon his home, synagogue, school, friends, upon Scouting, and upon himself. May the white of your Eagle badge always remind you to live with honor.

ADULT LEADER: The second responsibility of an Eagle Scout is loyalty, for without loyalty, character lacks direction. An Eagle is loyal to his ideals. May the blue of your Eagle badge always remind you to be loyal.

ADULT LEADER: The third responsibility of an Eagle Scout is courage. Courage gives character force and strength. Trusting in God and with faith in his fellowman, the Eagle faces each day unafraid, and seeks his share of the world's work. May the red of your Eagle badge always remind you of courage.

ADULT LEADER: The final responsibility of an Eagle Scout is service. He extends a helping hand to those who toil up the Scouting trail he has completed, just as others helped him in his achievement of the Eagle rank. The habit of the daily Good Turn must take on new meaning and blossom forth into a life of service. The Eagle protects and defends the weak and the helpless. He aids and comforts the oppressed and the unfortunate. He upholds the rights of others while defending his own. His code of honor is based upon the belief that leadership is founded upon real service.

AARON (EAGLE SCOUT): Mr. O’Steen, if Michael is willing and eager to accept the mantle of responsibility, as well as the honor of the badge, then I will be satisfied and request that you proceed to administer the Eagle pledge.

MC: (To Eagle candidate) Are you ready and willing to accept these responsibilities and to adopt the Eagle pledge?


MC:Aaron Solle will now deliver the Charge to Eagle.  Would all Eagle Scouts in the audience please join us in the Eagle’s nest at the podium.

AARON: Scouts, scouters, parents and guests please stand.

[Aaron moves to stand facing the candidate]

AARON: All Eagle Scouts, make the scout sign and repeat after me.

(Repeat the Eagle pledge)


“I reaffirm my allegiance 

to the three promises of the Scout Oath 

I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself the obligations 

and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout 

On my honor I will do my best 

to make my training an example 

my rank and my influence count strongly

for better Scouting and for better citizenship 

in my troop and in my community 

and in my contacts with other people 

To this I pledge my sacred honor.

Robin: Ladies and gentlemen, by the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America it is my privilege to present to you  Eagle Scout Michael Sussman.

Presentation of awards:

MC:Would the Honor Guard please conduct Michael’s parents, forward.

MC: Honor Guard dismissed.

MC:  Michael’s mother will now present Michael with his Eagle Medal

MC: No-one will ever know the unnumbered acts of service and helpfulness from the mother of this Eagle Scout which has led us to this night.  As the symbol of what this mom has made possible, the court asks Michael to present his mother with a Mom’s Eagle Pin.

(Gives Mom a hug and kiss)

MC:Your father has watched your scouting career over the years.  The court asks that you present him with an Eagle Dad Pin.  Your dad will in turn present you with an Eagle tie tack for your use.

(Gives Dad a handshake & hug)

MC: Michael will now present his Eagle mentor pin to Robert Boozer.

MICHAEL:  Presents pins, adds his comments.

MC: The leaders of Troop 6 will now present other Eagle items:

MC The Eagle Scout badge, and knot for your adult uniform.

MC: The Eagle Neckerchief and slide to you.

MC: Eagle Certificate and card for you.


MC:In remembrance of your scouting career, all the fun times and all the work we have an Eagle album of your Scouting record with Troop 6.  

MC: Would the honor guard please escort  the parents to their seats.


MC: Bryan Breffle will now give the benediction.

Bryan: [Benediction]

MC:I now declare this National Court of Honor closed.  I ask the members of the Court and Eagle Scouts present to be the first to congratulate Michael Sussman.  A reception with refreshments has been prepared for everyone in Mary Dawson Hall.

© Cheryl Siedelmann 2012