David Bybee remembers


 I was a boy scout in Troop Six.  As near as I can remember, as this was about 78 years ago between 1933 and 1935.

I do not remember any of the monthly meetings other than they were held in Mary Dawson Hall.  I do recall a summer scout camp I attended.  We went to the Boy Scout camp up at the Teton Canyon.  One day we hiked tp to Lake of the Woods.  There were a couple of canoes.  we played a game of survival jousting.  There was one boy in each canoe with a padded pole.  The object of the game was to push your opponent out of the canoe.

Another game or contest we played was to see how fast you could make a camp fire.  There was a string streched between two points.  The string was positioned about 2 feet above the ground.  Each scout was given one match and we could not use paper.  You had to shave the wood into small strips with your pociet knife.  Much to myu surprise my fire burned the string  efore any one elses.  I don't remember the prize awarded, probably a cookie as tthe depression was still plaguing the country.

We did hike up to Table Mountain.  This was as difficult then as it is now.

We didn't have sleeping bags then, just blankets so the nights were very cold. We thought this was a great week away from home and not to do chores every day.

Scouting is a great adventure for young people.  I commend the Scout masters and all who participate.  Keep up the good work Troop Six.

David Bybee

© Cheryl Siedelmann 2012