Ron Ayers remembers

Ron Joined Troop 6 in late 1951, after his family mored to Idaho Falls, and he was in the troop for three years.  During that time, there were about 20 scouts in the troop.  Mr. Hurley was the Scoutmaster, and he was in the wolf patrol.  He only achieved Second Class because he couldn’t master Morse Code, which was one of the requirements at the time.  

His most memorable outings were attending summer camp at Treasure Mountain.  They rode there in the back of a farm truck.  In the mornings and evenings the camp would ring with the sound of bugles from all of the troops that were there.  They enjoyed canoe races on the lake. 

He also remembers a few other outings - one time when a porcupine died while up in a tree, and they considered barbecuing it for dinner.  They also had snipe hunts.  There was a camporee in Idaho Falls when he had to make pancakes in the rain.  Another time they hiked over and camped inside the Menan Butte.

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